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Buy Rok Points via Remittance

Money Remitance Guide:

  1. Find the nearest Cebuana, M Lhuiller, LBC or other Remittance branch on your location.
  2. The ff. are available Palawan Express, Xoom, MoneyGram, Transfast. We can track them through cebuana.
  3. You must be at least 18 years old.
  4. Bring at least 1 Valid ID for identification.
  5. Talk to the agent in charge, and ask for the "Send Money" form.
  6. Fill up the "Send Money" form with the details below.
Reciever Name: Jeffrey A. Manalo
Address: San Fernando Pampanga, Philippines

  1. The agent will give you a receipt paper with the Control Number.
  2. After the transaction, you may now submit your Remittance Topup.
  3. You can send a ticket here for status update.

Smart Padala Guide:

  1. Find the nearest Smart Padala Center branch on your location.
  2. You must be at least 15 years old.
  3. Bring at least 1 Valid ID for identification.
  4. The agent will ask for the smart money account number, you should write this down and save it on your phone or scratch
  5. Send the payment to this smart money information below.
Smart Padala Account Number: 5577 5193 2308 4104

G-CASH Guide:

  1. Just go to any Globe store or authorized G-Cash Remittance partners near branch on your location.
  2. Tell the agent to send money and ask a form to send payment.
  3. Send the payment to this Globe G-Cash Number below.
G-Cash Number: 0917 690 2144

BPI Bank Deposit/Transfer Guide:

  1. Just go to the nearest BPI Branch on your location and bring 1 Valid ID.
  2. Get a deposit slip or if you have an app on your mobile phone you can use that for easy transfer.
  3. If you are already in the bank, fill up a deposit slip or goto BEA (BPI Express Assistant) and process the deposit on the touch screen.
  4. If you don't know how to run the assistant machine (BEA), please ask a the guard on how to deposit using the assistant machine (BEA).
  5. You may copy the information below to send/deposit payment.
  6. After sending the payment please take a picture of the deposit receipt and attach it when sending remittance form.
BPI Account Name: Jeffrey Agnite Manalo
BPI Account Number: 0519 1081 27

We will process your transaction promptly as soon as we got the details of your purchase. Your ROK Points will be automatically added to your account once the transaction is Completed.

ROK Points Rates

Additional +20% Rok Points on all topup payment from March 25 to 31, 2017.

Peso Rates Rok Points Bonus +20% ROK Total ROK
P350 7,000 RP 1,400 RP 8,400 RP
P500 10,000 RP 2,000 RP 12,000 RP
P1,050 22,000 RP 4,400 RP 26,400 RP
P2,150 50,000 RP 10,000 RP 60,000 RP
P5,350 150,000 RP 30,000 RP 180,000 RP
P10,750 400,000 RP 80,000 RP 480,000 RP
P15,850 650,000 RP 130,000 RP 780,000 RP

Make a Payment

Your rok points will be given on the said character name and it will be arrive to your account in 1 to 2 hours.

You can exchange your ROK Points by using the Hypermart Shop in prontera.

Check balance every minute on Hypermart shop! click one of the shop and check your Rok Points balance.

Orc Warriors are constantly receiving 3 damage even though there is nothing around them? That is actually them coughing from all the cigars they smoke!
You can allocate your status point easier with the shortcut command

/str+ 99
/int+ 99
/dex+ 99
/vit+ 99
/luk+ 99
/agi+ 99
Spamming is not allowed in-game or you will get muted for 1 minute and adds another minute for every spam chat messages.
You can easily put an item in a storage with a shortcut key ALT + RIGH CLICK, make sure that your storage is open.
GMs will NEVER ask for your password and sites that are affiliated with Philippine Ragnarok Online.
The Emperium has its own monster properties?

Emperiums are Small Holy Angel MVP/Boss monsters.
Bard/Dancer song effects last for a few seconds even after you leave the area affected by their skill?
Magnum Break grants you additional Fire damage for a few seconds after you use the skill
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