Client Download

Full Client Installer for PC

In order to play Ragnarok Online you need to install the game on your computer. First let's download the game program. 
Please check whether the Ragnarok Online can be played on your computer by checking the following specifications.

Alternate Download
MediaFire Link

Google Drive Link

Torrent Download

Lite Client PC

Use this at your own risk! Just insert data.grf and inside the folder and your game will run! make sure your data.grf is alteast 1.9gb+ or 2.2gb+ latest to be exact!
Size: 600mb


Android Platform Download

Download Guide
  • First download the APK by clicking the button below. If your download doesn't start, then try the 2nd button ZIP.
  • ZIP version needs to be extract, it contains the APK installer. So after downloading the ZIP, you need to extract it first to open the APK.
  • The 3rd link is where the APP developed You can check the link for every updates!

  1. When the app installed on your mobile android. Upon starting the app a message will pop-up and ask you the download method. We recommend you to "Download All" to have a smooth gameplay! Download the 2.2gb full game.
  2. By clicking "Ignore all" it will not download the full game. It will only download the required files on what map you are in-game. This will slow your Gameplay. So it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to DOWNLOAD ALL!

Android APP of Valkyrie is playable but do not expect full access on other PC default client features! Using this app only grant you to play the game! It is playable actually. But there are some features that is disabled on Android. All effects are not visible when playing to lessen the LAG! usual DRAG and HOLD PRESS Gestures on Items and any other controls works. Overall It is only use for convenient gameplay! You can Play anywhere of course you must connected to the internet to play! ENJOY!



System Requirements for PC
Supported OS · Microsoft Windows 7 32bit version / 64bit version 
· Microsoft Windows 8.1 32bit version / 64bit version 
· Microsoft Windows 10 32bit version / 64bit version
CPU · Pentium 4 3 GHz or higher 
· Athlon 64 3500+ or ​​higher
memory Implementation memory 1 GB or more
graphic 3D accelerator chip with VRAM of 128 MB or more Graphic board with graphics board 
※ Please update the graphics board driver. For updating the driver of the graphics board, please contact the manufacturer of the computer / graphic board you use. 
※ The screen size corresponds to 2,048 pixels wide by 1,440 pixels vertically.
hard disk 4 GB or more free space
Other · DirectX 9 or more 
· Environment that can always connect to the Internet with ADSL 1.5 Mbps or more 
· Internet Protocol 
 Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) 
* Operation with version 6 (TCP / IPv6) is not guaranteed . 
· DVD-ROM is (use only when the Install by ROM media) readable drive 
· Winsows7 SP1: Internet Explorer11 (32bit version) 
· Windows8.1: Internet Explorer11 (32Bit version) 
· Windows10: Internet Explorer11 (32Bit Edition) 
(※ Not compatible with each 64 bit version.)


The Battlefield feature allows you to earn badges that you can use to trade for high quality PvP equipment.
GMs will NEVER ask for your password and sites that are affiliated with Ragnarok Online.
Bard/Dancer song effects last for a few seconds even after you leave the area affected by their skill?
Magnum Break grants you additional Fire damage for a few seconds after you use the skill
The Emperium has its own monster properties?

Emperiums are Small Holy Angel MVP/Boss monsters.
Ragnarok Online has a lot of Daily Quests that give EXP.

A lot of these quests can be done starting at level 1.
The Premium Teleport NPC can teleport you to agits? You can talk to them if you have a Premium Service subscription.
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